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2014 Fitflop DUE Sandals Wine PATENT Red

Love me, you let go
10, I love you, let go of Jiangyin Zhouzhuang City Experimental Primary School (4) class four West Yan Zirui “ I said I love you, I love you kiss me, I love you … … ” listen to the tender and lovely children’s melody, I would like to add: &ldquo I love you; let go ”.FitFlop shoeMemories of the past happy, happy life, and now has a mother’s discipline and nagging, my heart was born with emotion, how I want to go back to the carefree, free life. Go back to the previous Saturday and Sunday with buddies to play games, play rope skipping, but now he is going to do a boring math problems … … the eagle has its own sky, there is a river in its own fish, white clouds has its own blue sky, the grass has its own land. I want to have my own world. In life, there are many parents who call their children without a little freedom, like a machine. Look! There is a little girl doing homework, suddenly there is an adult came over and saw the little girl’s homework, angrily said: “ you see! You can take a look. What kind of work does it write, the word is not goodFitFlop HerrenDo you like this, there are mistakes, but also how to test 100 points? ” said the book a throw, said: “ you put all these words rewrite again, write bad don’t eat. ” then stormed away, the little girl cried. In fact, I like her, are a “ cage bird ” every day to be scolded mother, homework a little mistakeFitFlop LondonWant to redo, hey, the world’s parents why should use this cruel method to treat children? A fragile young trees grow into a towering tree, must pass through the mighty storm test, I must Study hard, not backward, so as to let others see your own ability. Mom and Dad, if you love me, let it go, let her daughter go a long way, let me enjoy the free life. Love me, you let go

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I really like to see much more attractive a dream , because there are some surprising things from the past or the future of the world , so I thought I would use every day lamp , it can also become a versatile yet
I would pick up a pen and paper , depicts a lamp I imagined .

I designed this lamp is triple , it has lamps, video machines and telephone functions.

Such lamps are designed specifically for children , color light pink ( female ) , and light blue ( male ), with the lamp uses the latest Eye tube , there are many popular base of the lamp
everyone’s favorite cartoon characters .
Light switch is a small frog in its right side is a small telephone numbers are written on the face of hello kitty , children can use it to call Mom and Dad, beside the phone also has a video machines, each
button is a Mickey Mouse head, but next to the headphones , you can listen to music , if you want a fitflop frou sandals all purplebronze fitflops go , just press a button , video machines will become part of a small, lightweight portable immediately
listen to every part of lamp is waterproof , washable arbitrary , with a hammer hammer does not matter.
I designed the old lamp point , it will not burn , a lamp can be used under normal circumstances , at least more than 50 years , in the following lamp base has a small drawer , kids to put pen , eraser and some other small things.

I have this design fitflop rock chic black will achieve in the near future , will be going door to door with my lamp design