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Unforgettable swimming experience

Shoes Amazon FitFlopWhen I was seven years old, I was the most happy time, because most of the year in the home, and every day just to play around crazy,. This is not, we came to the village in front of the river, is ready to jump into the water to swim! My neighbor and he stood at the river edge, one or two, “ three ” the number after the plop jumped into the river. Hey, fish on the sudden we feel very strange, every fish are fish trying to beat us, “ the scratch itch really comfortable! ” we said, breaking the stomach. Gradually, we are more familiar with the fish, the initiative to open the tour, I and Xiao MingSchuhe FitFlopNature is very happy, then use freestyle to determine the height of our swimming. The beginning of the game, my left hand right hand drawn forward, then draw, draw up a torrent of hands. When I want to go forward to plan, hoping to earn the first, I gradually heard &ldquo &rdquo playing acoustic; pops. Oh The original is Xiaoming, it seems, he is not satisfied with his speed, struggling to draw water, want more than me! Better than I can’t be easy! Some small local Hanoi relatively narrow, there are rapids, sometimes there are rocks. Although the situation is very bad, but I know where the river where safety, safety all clear. Xiao Ming is just natural, not familiar with the river, I will be a winner! He saw that I wanted to swim in the meandering, straight from the side, beyond me. However, because he is not familiar with the river, I saw Xiao Ming bang “ ” jumped up, mouth with: “ ah ah ah, I will die in pain! ” original meandering around, full of sharp rocks, the fix will touch off skin bleeding, so Xiao Ming has fallen into the trap. Near the end of the river, but I also know that the river can not avoid the last trap. “ PA ” a fall on me, one after another and back a few pieces of mud, Lian Xiaoming also very embarrassed. This is a trap pit dirty dirty mud springs, from time to time out. Our two Nihou look, very happy smile.Shoes sale FitFlopThis is my seven year old happy things, I will never forget things. Unforgettable swimming experience