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Tell you you don’t believe
Tell you, you do not believe the Zhouzhuang experimental primary school four (4) Zhao Lingyue class first class on Tuesday, the bell jingle bell, jingle bell, “ ” rang, the students quickly returned to the seat, waiting for the arrival of the teacher. &lFitFlop shoesDquo; &rdquo sound, creak; the teacher gently pushed open the door, walked into the classroom, he mysteriously said to me: “ today, although we do not do Olympiad, but this time we have a mental game! ” students listened to a scene of bustling activity. Before the game, the teacher let us each prepared a draft paper, then the teacher raised a small blackboard, covered with a three digit dense, then on the blackboard with a blue line to draw some three digits, they were 973, 814, 786, 833, 565, 257, then we say: “ you have to add up these three figures, to see who is? ” the students are very excited! The beginning of the game, I quickly picked up the pen, &ldquo, and ” Shua Shua Shua; write up, the other students in a hard, finally, I use the fastest speed, the title, and quickly check to the teacher, when he heard that the correct time “ ” and I was so happy I jumped three feet high, then, many students have finished the exercises, but wrong wrong wrong “ ” the teacher from the lips, but shy back seat … … finally, there are 5 students to write on the list: First: I, second: He Junjie, third:FitFlop shoes amazonBian Huiting, Fourth: Cao Yilin, fifth. So I won the first round! The beginning of the second round of the teachers out of me, Chen Jiaxi and Yuan Jiaxun, the second round of the game, the teacher let Zhi Jun, Zhu Jiyun, Wu Chu Yu we count the number of seconds, this is Bian Hao in mental arithmetic, the blackboard is made of several three digits, let us count,FitFlop sandalenThis time, I am not willing to lose to Chen Jiaxi, but I will work harder! The game interesting, not only let me learn more knowledge, also let me taste the real difficulty of mental arithmetic. Tell you you don’t believe