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Unforgettable experiences

Kindergarten, I won a championship. I was only a few years old, on a large class. But I have a &ldquo &rdquo rare gifts and bold strategy;. Miss Xu likes me very much, too. One day, we were having a lesson when suddenly Mr. Xu came in. Said that the school will hold a story telling contest, so that I had a terrible dream with tian. The terrible dream is about a child who has not been lying in love with each other. One day he dreams of being an old man with a bow and a waist, and when he wakes up, he decides to change the problem. I opened the book and looked at it! Oh dear! It’s gonna be terrible this time! If I get stuck or middle forgetting is finished? Although it was difficult, I stuck to it and carried it back. During the rehearsal, the teacher decided to let us perform in the form of a double reed. I crouched in the field behind Mengshi. I heard that I also need a microphone, the microphone connected to the school audio, a radius of over a dozen can hearSoldes FitFlop FitFlop florettaTo my voice, then I will not “ famous ”? Ha ha, … … the game has started; after a few performances, we should be on the field. I am very nervous on the stage, crouched behind the field Mengshi began to tell the story, my heart is always thinking about “ an unsettled state of mind., God bless me! &rdquo. Well, I’m good at it and I speak very fluently. When the story is over, I make a long breath and walk quickly down the stage! I finally got out of “ the stage of terror ” finished the task. After a few days, the result of our game came out. I couldn’t get nervous enough to come to the prize giving place. &ldquo: Oh, my God, please bless meDishy, Womens, Black, Sandals, Fitflop, FrouTo win the prize! ” I said it again and again in my heart. &ldquo! Congratulations! Class won the third place! ” “ congratulations on getting the runner up! ” “ the champion was — — ” my heart beat faster; “ class one! ” “ yeah! ” I’m too happy to describe it. The teacher sent us an honorary certificate. I still have a strong sense of honor to see it so far. This article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two11918FourFiveTwo8Five081FourTwo8Five.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageUnforgettable experiences