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Summer. Seaside。 Happy

Summer is a hot season, but the blue sea, people feel more refreshing. This is not, today, our family came to the blue seaFitflop Arena Slide Tan New, enjoy swimming.Amazon FitFlopThe weather is so hot, the sun shone pale, released Xiaguang miles, hot temperature, scorching the earth. Just arrived at the beach, our family was panting, sweating. Just off the coat, my brother and I will fly to the sea, &ldquo ” a sound Bang; like rabbit jumped into the sea. A four base, I enjoy the cool summer sea and sea scenery: there are many hold rocks on the sea, on the rocks of Britain, there is a similar kind of giant stones, with the rocks as a whole, and as a giant is dutifully guarding this piece of people the beautiful sea, play the general. I took a deep breath, facing the bright rays, suddenly swam. Electrophoresis butterfly is really comfortable, hands like back up the butterfly stroke, legs gently pedaling, the body will slowly floating in the sea, the small belly exposed, was naughty breeze scratch itch, sour, very comfortable. Huh? Where’s my brother? I just look around, then my brother suddenly his head out of the water, hands over the water tap, a spray head to rotate, with a &rdquo “; choking sound, I drank two mouth water. At this time, his brother fled with a smile and said: “ see you so fire, help you cool down slightly! But don’t be careful, never contain preservatives, and the package is fresh, rich in vitamin C, must be better than the black gallon son! ” I smiled twice, then quickly swam towards him. My brother gave me an oversight. I am a slap shot toward the surface in the past, the two big brother to immediately spray spray. “ wow! I haven’t the AWACS deployed your &lsquo missile; spray ’ to attackSchuhe FitFlopThe! ” brother was forced to drink a few saliva, there is a quick escape. &ldquo well you! Can’t escape, look at me! ” I continue to catch up, and he started water war, the joy of the sound constantly, echoed in the sea. Splash, cheers, constitute a happy scene. Summer. Seaside。 Happy