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“Moonlight on mother”
“Moonlight mother” reading all this computer class we read “mother moon this is a well written composition! For example, the mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, lost memory. I go back home to see her, she quietly sitting in the chair, still so gentle and loving, but I do not know where I come from, I don’t know what to do, don’t even know who I am. No longer talk about her past, no longer talk about my childhood, just smile at me, laugh at me tears. This section is very touching, mother sing tired to tell me the story about the moon, the Cowherd and the girl weaver story &hellip &hellip meet the Milky way; night sky; too profound to be understood is a myth of the world. The moon has been to heaven, mother immersed in the water like moonlight, like a statue of jade statue. She also sang for me humorous rhymes, my thoughts from heaven to earth: “ red boy, Nanshan, cut thorns grass, foil weaving basket, rice sieve, cooked rice. The puppy eats, the cat sees, the nasty mouse gnawed along the pot. ” “ mouse on the lampstand, Touyou drink, down — — mouse mouse you, to hold a catFitflop AZTEK SLIDE Rio CHADA PinkCoax you. &ld; &rdquoUK sale FitFlop 2014Quo; hair baby cry, baby hair laugh, live tile, sedan chair. Hair baby wake up, eat cake. Hair baby sleep, cover. Mao wa walk, call flower dog, flower dog with flower tongue. ” folk rhymes sung, I was not sleepy, I pestered her to speak in riddles, let me guess. Mother said: “ listen carefully: Ma house, red curtains, sleeping inside a white fat, — what is it? ” I asked: “ where to guess? ” mother said: “ toward eating guess ”. I tilted his head and thought for a moment just untied. The mother smiled and said: “ you are really stupid, this is my kind of peanuts. ” mother illiterate, but my enlightenment teacher. Her bright, smooth, subtle, deep folk ballads in the moonlight made me open my wings and fly to the kingdom of poetry. The mother lost memory, but my heart is always treasured the moon … … < > < div float-r? Div? > “Moonlight on mother”

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A letter to my sister.
A letter to my sister sister Ke Jun: hello! We have not seen each other for a long time, very much like you, oh, I would like to invite you to our home. My hometown is beautiful Nanjing, my family and school are the towering ZijinFor men UK FitFlopsAt the foot of the mountain, if you come to Nanjing in different seasons, I will take you to appreciate the beauty of different spring, I take you to the plum hill, the bright colors and shapes all over the mountains and plains, the plum blossom, let people ecstasy; summer, I take you to Xuanwu Lake to see the lotus, lotus fragrance Mu and make you see. Boating on the lake, glittering, breezy, let you pause hotly gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, will disappear; autumn, I take you to the Qixia mountain to enjoy a piece of red leaves, clumps, fiery red maple leaves, the whole Qixia mountain red, beautiful; winter, I can take you to worry about Mo lake, the Mochou Lake like a beautiful painting, a piece of white earth, Mochou girl’s story will make us reverie thoughts … … Confucius temple is one of the most popular places for the city of Nanjing, you must go oh. Every fifteen month, all the people will come to Confucius temple to watch lanterns. At this time, men and women, old and young, the ancient streets crowded, everywhere filled with a festive atmosphere. The street lantern, variety, lifelike, a superb collection of beautiful things, people forget. The beautiful scenery of the Qinhuai River in the festival night, it is very beautiful. The Qinhuai River wall, one of the two is where the Pearl vivid, add a little mystery to the Qinhuai River. Champion bridge, covered with red lanterns, each lantern hidden under a lantern riddles, if you are interested can guess. Yes, Wuyixiang is in the Qinhuai River, the song “Wuyixiang” we memorize the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi is engraved in the alley: Suzaku bridge wild flower, Wu Yi Sun alley. Old king hall swallows, flying into the homes of ordinary people. Nanjing is one of the four famous ancient capitals in our country. It is a famous historical and cultural city. How about, listen to my introduction, you move? Come to Nanjing this summer vacation, come to our home to be a guest, all right? Come onFitFlops bronzeAction bar! Wish you progress in your studies! Happy spring! Sister: Han Han XX.2.28 a letter to my sister

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Wildlife Park
Swim wild zoo Jiankang Road Primary School Tao Xiaolu this summer, our family went to Changzhou Yancheng wildlife zoo, and where the animal had a close contact. We have just entered the zoo, in front of a tall “ giraffe ” in my eyes, as if to welcome the arrival of a us. My sister and I can’t wait to see the lovely animal friends. Our first2014 Fitflop Black with Platinum FlowerFirst came to the monkey house. Old monkeys may be old, are very stable, sitting quietly eating fruit. Monkey lively and naughty, while a few, chased; while in the branches of Daoguajingou, playing a swing. Look, there is also a kind of monkey, hugging the newly born baby monkey, coax it to sleep, how warm scene, how happy a ah! Seen the clever monkey, to look at those naive bears. You can not see these big guys are very silent, but if you buy a piece of watermelon in the hands of a shake, it will stand up and give you a good fortune to do the action. You throw it, it will.On sale online FitFlopsEat up with relish. Oh, the brown bear accidentally fell off the water in the water, and for a long time, spent a tremendous effort to climb up. The upper and lower body wet, but it only became soaked through, inverted image add to it a lovely. The presence of the tourist passengers were amused laugh. We also visited the “ &rdquo “ tiger wolf valley; ” and, finally, the deer came to free place. At the door, we bought a pack of Luer favorite carrots, for fear of attack by the deer antler attack, so I can only sit in my father’s car. But I stand by curiosity, then while dad does not pay attention to carefully open the window, ready to exchange and the deer. Who knows the deer than I have enthusiasm, is not afraid of a little people are rushing to the car head to eat. A deer is too greedy, it is to eat carrots, nasty old long neck stretched, tongue licking the lips! It slobber all flow on my clothes, these guys really make me laugh and cry! This play is very happy, let me feel the joy of intimate contact with the animals! Wildlife Park

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Pay New Year’s call

Pay New Year’s call is the Chinese traditional custom, is a way for people new year with each other to express good wishes. On the second day, I got up early, put on the new clothes, eat mother package Boiled dumplings, I and my mom and dad went to grandma pay New Year’s call. We carry large bags of gifts. Along the way, I saw the mall are engaged in the activities, everywhere decorated, very lively! I am humming a ditty, very happy. Came to the house door, the door close to the red couplets, very happy. I rang the doorbell, grandma heard the bell came to the door, she walked, said: “ is our horse Ruocheng come, wait! ” grandmother seems to speak louder than usual, the pace is much faster. Open the door, I quickly said: “ grandmother, new year is good! ” grandma saw me and said with a smile:2014 FitFlop 3 Black Diamond“ well, come on, open air conditioning room, you Grandpa in the room, quickly warm. ” I came into the room after the call: “ Grandpa, happy new year, I come. ” then I put my grandmother pulled into the room and said to them: “ I wish Grandpa, grandma health, longevity, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, happy new year! ” grandma nodded and said, “ you are a good girl! ” grandpa said: “ you really grow up. ” and then they took out a red envelope and handed it to me.Men sale FitFlops“ also wish you a new year of study and progress, good luck in everything! ” I took the red envelope said: “ thank you, Grandpa and grandma. ” I had a meal at my grandmother’s house, and set off firecrackers. The original pay New Year’s call really very happy, not only can get the gift money, also can give others to send blessings, you can get a blessing. Downstairs firecrackers kept “ Charlie para ” ringing, I can not help but think of a poem written by Wang Anshi “yuan”. “ a suichu fireworks, energy-saving. Numerous households very bright day, the new peach old fu. ” Ma RuochengLaarzen Heren timberlandPay New Year’s call

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Three bowls of Hand-Pulled Noodle

Three Hand-Pulled Noodle Ling’an Yuquan a bowl of fourth grade Wangcheng Yun Huang is my Chinese teacher at the third grade. He is kind, warm and careful. But sometimes, he will be very tough, don’t even talk. He has a loud voice, such as thunder. Once, on the Chinese class, my book can not find, but today will be handed over to the. I timidly explained the situation to the teacher, with the advantages of female thought, he will forgive me, the teacher Huang was without mercy please I eat three bowls of “ ” — &mdash Hand-Pulled Noodle; three palm heart. Huang called it &ldquo &rdquo Hand-Pulled Noodle;. I broke down in tears, although palm didn’t feel the pain, but I feel very wronged. I clearly have been handed over to the head of the! How can not find it? I whispered, \" I have already handed it in! ” at this time, the elder sister came, she came to me to send to fall in the home of the gourd silk, she retailers UK FitFlop see me cry, hurriedly askedBoots sale FitFlopWay: “ why are you crying? ” I looked down, I grumbled: “ · · · · · · · my · · · · · · · book · · · · can not find! ” she comforted me and said, “ look for it again. ” and then she gave me the gourd and walked away. I came to the edge of the stage, looking for a long time, finally found. My notebook was caught in the middle of the middle of the math to see my careless. I’ll give it to yellow.FitFlops AvonTeacher, he didn’t speak, just a meaningful look at me. Although it has been more than a semester, but the three bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle thing is still fresh in my memory. I think: I should thank the teacher huang. The three bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle so I know: after doing things must be carefully. It does make me get rid of the bad habit of absent-minded. Three bowls of Hand-Pulled Noodle

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The beginning of autumn

The examination room quietly, only to hear the rustle of writing in the empty room echoed. My heart is not very bright at the moment. When the summer, there is snow all over the sky, as if there are thousands of unable to get rid of sorrow. Alas, such a long time seriously hard to review, eventually face is just a piece of white paper, how is the heart of sadness? Someone with a sigh, behind the helpless? Suppression of 2013 Rokkit Black Fitflop or boring? Had to listen to the teacher said: & ldquo; the test is a turning point in life, to you such aces is undoubtedly a Kumufengchun, carp leapFitFlopOpportunity。 ” “ maybe it is. ” I answered with a touch of light. He seemed to know. After the senior high school entrance examination, still not so hard? Even in the higher education institutions, and then a few years, in the face of what is not a pale paper? How to turn? Oh, presumably, the hearts of the winter but also lasting, I am afraid it is not coming! Out of the window, willow green, they had already experienced the winter. The beginning of spring when they have hit upon joy! They were struggling to absorb rain days, growing up, not eventually escape to the sad autumn leaf? If so, why do we have to fight so hard, so hard? At this time, a wisp of breeze, sent Yoyagi Miehajung fragrance, a sober mind. I suddenly thought, the willow inexhaustible samsara, struggling to grow, not just to the world of dense fragrance? After a winter’s cold, perhaps, their hearts as early as hopeBoot Short Leather Black FitflopAt the beginning of spring warm moment, knowing that the leaves all over the sky, knowing that there is snow and ice cold branches, but this is, after all, a beginning and an end. After the beginning of spring, their fragrance will fill the world, it is. Yes ah! The results of the test is not important, it is important that the old and new alternative after the new life ring. In the ring, we struggle, we laugh, we are confident let own aborigine’s temperament and Xiang Hua Zhao full world! I do not know when, the heart feel warm. The heart that process. After the beginning of spring, the flowers will eventually open, the hard kind will eventually take root, sprout, someday, why worry about not incense Yuan Yi Qing Qing Zhuo heaven and earth? Someone ahead of you, I have decided to sit to the end. Yes, it is a turning point, why not let the process to enrich the regret? The beginning of autumn

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Color appreciation: the story of the bridge (readme body)

Do you know who I am? Oh, you should know, I am a long bridge, and is a disciple of Luban built the bridge. From ancient times to the present, I stand here, has experienced ups and downs, cold Sun & hellip; & hellip; several long pieces of stone bridge the my body, but my body is very sturdy. I was a stone bridge, connecting the two sides, never fall over. Birds often fly around me, from time to time to rest on my shoulder. Little fish in my side to play, from time to time to stop on my shoulder to rest. Little fish in my side to play, from time to time to jump out of the water, and I say hello. In this way, I selfless dedication. Time has passed, it is not aware of the twenty-first Century. Now is the high-tech, with the passage of time, I am more and more behind the. The bird looked at me and left me in my arms. Fish cried, cried to departed loved ones, cried miserable life & hellip; & hellip; my heart is broken soon, how I want to go back to the previous period of happy time ah! suddenlyGogh FitFlopI got angry, angry, and I got angry with some adults. I give peopleShoes sale uk FitFlopThey are convenient, like a good mother, selfless dedication. Students go to school far away every day, if not I, students can stick to it? But what is it that you gave me? Is hurt! From ancient to modern times, with the continuous development of science and technology, from my kind mother, turned into a white haired old man of flowers. A little bit of time in the past, my foot has been filled with rotten mud, dirty rubbish. Because my body is more and more dirty, smelly, my partner & mdash; & mdash; the river has become stink to high heaven, even dry. Through the people here, cover the nose and go. I breathed a sigh of 2014 DUE PATENT Fitflop Sandals Red. Think back to yesterday, Luban built me. Today, I’m getting behind. Tomorrow, what will it be? Will anyone repair it? Will someone help me? This has to rely on their own imagination! I am a bridge, a stone bridge built by Luban brothers. Now is a dangerous bridge. How I wish people could help me and make me the best bridge in the world! (Instructor: Cao Dianjuan (Jiangsu Province Guanyun County Green Literary Society) color pictures of appreciation: The Story Bridge readme (body)

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A rat and cat
One day, foreign Stuart Little heard China is a civilized country, decided to play in China,Leather Lexx Black Slippers For Fitflop MenIs to fly to China by 725. To China, tuart little look at the East, the West looked at, anxious mother gave birth to a pair of superhuman powers, let his eyes, all of a sudden burst of deep taste of the cake towards him from assail the nostrils, tuart little like possessed, like a single arrow arrow fly fragrance triggered at, who knows, running too fast, and not a moment on the brakes, with the oncoming blue cat hit the legs in the air, tuart little stood up slowly, feeling the back say & ldquo;:or, dear" then compose oneself look, found a cat, frighten him 100 meters sprint speed to escape the, blue2014 DUE Fitflop PATENT Sandals RedCat paipaipigu stood up and see the escape of the spirit of the younger rats, blue cat to catch up, the spirit of the younger rats see he caught up, and ran away quickly, then, naughty walked to come over, the spirit of the younger rats to see blue cat like to see the life-saving straw, hurriedly hid to naughty behind clever naughty look, they know what happened, after some conversation, tuart little of blue cat had a good impression, he asked the & ldquo;:wfitflop sneakers ukhat’ Yao s name? & quot; blue cat a surprised, stammered and said & ldquo; what & hellip; & hellip; what? ” naughty helpless to say “: Hey, is really a soil steamed stuffed bun, they are asking you the name of it! ” “ ah! ” blue cat jumped, and then return to God, a very friendly tone “: Hi, hello I am blue ”. Tuart little one Leng, half did not react, naughty is angry and funny to say & ldquo;: or should I give you buy a translator and teach each other language. ” blue and Stuart Little all thumbs up, agree. Time of day to day over both their academic leaps and bounds, parting period both sides are very grateful teaching others the itself in a new language, since then, they have forged a deep friendship. A rat and cat

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Mid Autumn Festival moon
The Mid Autumn Festival arrived, the most happy, or to enjoy the round “ white plate ”. “ Ding dong! Ding dong! ” I hurried to open the door when I heard the doorbell ring. “ who is it? ” “ Oh, it is my aunt, come in. ” pour me a cup of tea for Aunt drink, suddenly saw a white shadow from my eyes again. A look down, is Huanhuan and hair ball, they are domesticated aunt two Pomeranian dog. I saw them excited, immediately chase, almost fell over! Dinner, looked at a full table of sumptuous dinner, my stomach long ago knock drum, and gobble up & hellip; & hellip; Oh, full at last! See we do not eat, I quietly take a flashlight, called Huanhuan and hair ball to go upstairs to see the moon. Wow! Ah, the moon is very round tonight, also very bright! You see, the goddess in the moon and the moon playing together! They race each other, very lively! At this moment, I can not help but think of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai wrote “Gu Lang months”: hours does not know the month, call for white jade plate. Another suspect Yaotai mirror, fly on the Qingyun end. A rabbit, and asked who the meal? &he; &hellipUK FitFlopsLlip; beautiful poem. Really hope the moon have been so round, always so bright! I really hope that I have been so worried, has been so without! Since the moon is grief at separation and joy in Union. I want to say: when everything seems so perfect, we must know how to enjoy, we must know how to cherish, we must know how to Thanksgiving, because this is happiness!! I was thinking, looking down at the dog around, really surprised. Had been jumped up and down the Huanhuan and hair ball, this time is quietly looked at the beautiful moon, perhaps & hellip; & hellip; & ldquo; Tian Xin! Tian xin! “ ” who’s calling me. ” is the moon in the moon, or the great poet LiBlazer Anti-Fur Herren NikeWhite? Oh dear! So they’re calling me to eat moon cakes! … … mid autumn moon cake is really sweet. ChenFitFlops sale MensTian Xin Shi Shi (1) class guidance teacher Yin Chen XX September 17th Mid Autumn Festival moon

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A letter to my mother on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day to his mother a letter money Hao Dear Mom: hello! I am your son, at the dawn of the mother’s day. Thank you very much for your feeding me for 14 years, now your son has grown up, in order to repay theFree Nike 3 Herren V5Fiorella FitFlopI am writing you a letter to express my gratitude to you. When I was in kindergarten, you took me to school every day. After school, I was standing at the school gate on time, day after day, year after year, you never seem to be late for school. Whenever I get hurt in the kindergarten, you always comfort me, call me next time to be careful; whenever I in the kindergarten, learn new knowledge, I always with you to share; whenever I in the kindergarten by what injustice, I always say; whenever I & hellip; & hellip; so you accompany me through time in the nursery and later read elementary school. Then you, has been rushing in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, and with this there is no time to go home, only the weekend to come back, but I in the heart has been looking forward to your return. I remember once, my classmates are dirty red scarf. The two-day weekend, I take back allows you to wash, you start has not helped me wash, to the Sunday night you didn’t notice, he hurriedly washed. Second days you comeCrush FitFlopThe school sent me the piece of red scarf. Do you remember? In the winter of that year, my ears are suffering from frostbite, this is my homely food &rdquo “. Wants you to go to Hangzhou, but again afraid my chilblains is too powerful, and hardships to buy a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao and give I wrote a note, top write, let me every day to take the Yunnan white ointment rub, don’t be lazy and I charge goes to school in the morning to take ear flower set, or frostbite of more powerful. Until now, I have kept the note written on A4 paper, full of love. I can not remember how much you bought me Yunnan white ointment, but the bottle I treasure so far. Mother ah, you are the embodiment of the world is holy, even the nagging is filled with love. Now, when I was a junior high school, you as before, thank you for your son toil half a youth, let I to return to you half a youth! I wish: good health, good luck in everything! Your son, XX.5.8 mother’s day, a letter to her mother.

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