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Blow table tennis match

Table tennis, the star of the timescomposition四年级三班 张琳悦指导老师:姚晓梅 今天,composition班的姚老师带领全班同学做了一个有趣的游戏——水上吹乒乓球。 姚老师把游戏规则告诉了大家,每个组有四个杯子,前三个装满水,最后一个不装水。我们把一个乒乓球放在第一个杯上,同学们来吹,先吹到空杯的人获胜,若球在杯子中掉了,就要重新从第一个杯子开始吹。 老师话音未落,同学们一听兴奋不已,巴不得游戏马上就开始。 游戏终于开始了,第一轮是刘裕昕vs我们组的贾云皓。第一回合,只听老师刚喊“开始”,两人便都使出了吃奶的劲使劲地吹,可球却不听贾云皓的使唤,从第一个杯子上落了下来。刘裕昕则轻轻的吹,当贾云皓准备重新吹时,刘裕昕的球就已吹到了第三个杯子里了,之后,刘裕昕又站起来使劲一吹,球听话的被吹进了第四个杯子。唉,我们组失败了。 第二轮是刘戴源vs我们组的周昱晟。只见刘戴源表情淡定,面带微笑,沉着冷静地应战。周笠晟则认为,对战刘戴源,简直是小菜一碟,十分有把握。开始了,刘戴源半蹲下,周FitFlop, Wonderful, Sandals, Khaki, RedYu Sheng is completely squat, two hands on both sides of the table, eyes motionless staring at table tennis. The teacher gave the order, two people began to blow. When Liu Daiyuan blew second cups, Zhou Lisheng had blown third cups. I think we’re going to win. But who knows, when the ball is not satisfied, from the cup fell to the ground. Liu Daiyuan took the opportunity to put the ball, done in one vigorous effort to fourth cup blow. The second team won again. The third round was Yang Zhuohang, vs, Zhang Wenjing, and our team lost again. Hey! What’s wrong with it today? What a bad luck.Girls FitFlopsWhy did our group lose all this time? I summed it up because I didn’t have the skills! I have to go back to practice, I must personally go to play next time! The teacher’s recommendation: the little writer writes funny scenes with a humorous languageFitFlop sko udsalgAfter reading it, there is an immersive feeling. This article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two11918FourFive8Four99TwoTwoTwo00.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageBlow table tennis match