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Reading the Wednesday war

The days of winter, I read “war horse”, feel the war is the most terrible word for anyone, but “Wednesday’s war” in the war “ ” is completely different, this is a war without smoke of war — — tells the story of a frank and brave the boy Huo Lin and a grave, tolerant teacher Mrs. Beck, a growing war between an end, as between students and teachers in the deep emotional testimony. Every Wednesday afternoon, half of the students in the classroom to go to synagogue to learn Hebrew, the other half to the Catholic Church in the catechism, Huo Lin as the only one in the class a Christian, he had to and strict teacher Mrs. Beck to stay in the classroom together. Huo Lin always think that Mrs. Beck really hate “ ” he, Mrs. Beck always seemed to be serious in speech and manner for him, such as: let him clean the blackboard, let him clean the classroom, sorting, cleaning the mouse cage … &heElegant Luna whiteLlip; however, for Mrs. Beck ultimately failed, Mrs. Beck began to let Huo Lin reading the works of Shakespeare, however, Huo Lin didn’t complain, perhaps, he would think of his no harm. During this period more staged a number of memorable stories of … … through this kind of thing is that Huo Lin has a great change, finally, Huo Lin found himself fascinated by the works of Shakespeare, and became a good friend of Beck and mrs.. Mrs. Beck helped correct running posture, Huo Lin Huo Lin drove to a baseball game, in Huo Lin encounter difficulties when Mrs. Beck always help, little drops reflect the teacher from the beginning to the end in the care of their own students, make him from a rebellious child into a wealthy independent thought, children learn introspection. Mrs. Beck touched me, and I was affected. Wonderful story,FitFlop DanmarkSometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me choke. I deeply appreciate the great power of understanding between people, tolerance and love; understand human modesty, dedication and tireless work of truth, learn these nutrients, I can make a positive and healthy growth!FitFlop Hooper sandalsReading the Wednesday war