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“Moonlight on mother”
“Moonlight mother” reading all this computer class we read “mother moon this is a well written composition! For example, the mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, lost memory. I go back home to see her, she quietly sitting in the chair, still so gentle and loving, but I do not know where I come from, I don’t know what to do, don’t even know who I am. No longer talk about her past, no longer talk about my childhood, just smile at me, laugh at me tears. This section is very touching, mother sing tired to tell me the story about the moon, the Cowherd and the girl weaver story &hellip &hellip meet the Milky way; night sky; too profound to be understood is a myth of the world. The moon has been to heaven, mother immersed in the water like moonlight, like a statue of jade statue. She also sang for me humorous rhymes, my thoughts from heaven to earth: “ red boy, Nanshan, cut thorns grass, foil weaving basket, rice sieve, cooked rice. The puppy eats, the cat sees, the nasty mouse gnawed along the pot. ” “ mouse on the lampstand, Touyou drink, down — — mouse mouse you, to hold a catFitflop AZTEK SLIDE Rio CHADA PinkCoax you. &ld; &rdquoUK sale FitFlop 2014Quo; hair baby cry, baby hair laugh, live tile, sedan chair. Hair baby wake up, eat cake. Hair baby sleep, cover. Mao wa walk, call flower dog, flower dog with flower tongue. ” folk rhymes sung, I was not sleepy, I pestered her to speak in riddles, let me guess. Mother said: “ listen carefully: Ma house, red curtains, sleeping inside a white fat, — what is it? ” I asked: “ where to guess? ” mother said: “ toward eating guess ”. I tilted his head and thought for a moment just untied. The mother smiled and said: “ you are really stupid, this is my kind of peanuts. ” mother illiterate, but my enlightenment teacher. Her bright, smooth, subtle, deep folk ballads in the moonlight made me open my wings and fly to the kingdom of poetry. The mother lost memory, but my heart is always treasured the moon … … < > < div float-r? Div? > “Moonlight on mother”

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A letter to my sister.
A letter to my sister sister Ke Jun: hello! We have not seen each other for a long time, very much like you, oh, I would like to invite you to our home. My hometown is beautiful Nanjing, my family and school are the towering ZijinFor men UK FitFlopsAt the foot of the mountain, if you come to Nanjing in different seasons, I will take you to appreciate the beauty of different spring, I take you to the plum hill, the bright colors and shapes all over the mountains and plains, the plum blossom, let people ecstasy; summer, I take you to Xuanwu Lake to see the lotus, lotus fragrance Mu and make you see. Boating on the lake, glittering, breezy, let you pause hotly gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, will disappear; autumn, I take you to the Qixia mountain to enjoy a piece of red leaves, clumps, fiery red maple leaves, the whole Qixia mountain red, beautiful; winter, I can take you to worry about Mo lake, the Mochou Lake like a beautiful painting, a piece of white earth, Mochou girl’s story will make us reverie thoughts … … Confucius temple is one of the most popular places for the city of Nanjing, you must go oh. Every fifteen month, all the people will come to Confucius temple to watch lanterns. At this time, men and women, old and young, the ancient streets crowded, everywhere filled with a festive atmosphere. The street lantern, variety, lifelike, a superb collection of beautiful things, people forget. The beautiful scenery of the Qinhuai River in the festival night, it is very beautiful. The Qinhuai River wall, one of the two is where the Pearl vivid, add a little mystery to the Qinhuai River. Champion bridge, covered with red lanterns, each lantern hidden under a lantern riddles, if you are interested can guess. Yes, Wuyixiang is in the Qinhuai River, the song “Wuyixiang” we memorize the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi is engraved in the alley: Suzaku bridge wild flower, Wu Yi Sun alley. Old king hall swallows, flying into the homes of ordinary people. Nanjing is one of the four famous ancient capitals in our country. It is a famous historical and cultural city. How about, listen to my introduction, you move? Come to Nanjing this summer vacation, come to our home to be a guest, all right? Come onFitFlops bronzeAction bar! Wish you progress in your studies! Happy spring! Sister: Han Han XX.2.28 a letter to my sister