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Wildlife Park
Swim wild zoo Jiankang Road Primary School Tao Xiaolu this summer, our family went to Changzhou Yancheng wildlife zoo, and where the animal had a close contact. We have just entered the zoo, in front of a tall “ giraffe ” in my eyes, as if to welcome the arrival of a us. My sister and I can’t wait to see the lovely animal friends. Our first2014 Fitflop Black with Platinum FlowerFirst came to the monkey house. Old monkeys may be old, are very stable, sitting quietly eating fruit. Monkey lively and naughty, while a few, chased; while in the branches of Daoguajingou, playing a swing. Look, there is also a kind of monkey, hugging the newly born baby monkey, coax it to sleep, how warm scene, how happy a ah! Seen the clever monkey, to look at those naive bears. You can not see these big guys are very silent, but if you buy a piece of watermelon in the hands of a shake, it will stand up and give you a good fortune to do the action. You throw it, it will.On sale online FitFlopsEat up with relish. Oh, the brown bear accidentally fell off the water in the water, and for a long time, spent a tremendous effort to climb up. The upper and lower body wet, but it only became soaked through, inverted image add to it a lovely. The presence of the tourist passengers were amused laugh. We also visited the “ &rdquo “ tiger wolf valley; ” and, finally, the deer came to free place. At the door, we bought a pack of Luer favorite carrots, for fear of attack by the deer antler attack, so I can only sit in my father’s car. But I stand by curiosity, then while dad does not pay attention to carefully open the window, ready to exchange and the deer. Who knows the deer than I have enthusiasm, is not afraid of a little people are rushing to the car head to eat. A deer is too greedy, it is to eat carrots, nasty old long neck stretched, tongue licking the lips! It slobber all flow on my clothes, these guys really make me laugh and cry! This play is very happy, let me feel the joy of intimate contact with the animals! Wildlife Park