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Pay New Year’s call

Pay New Year’s call is the Chinese traditional custom, is a way for people new year with each other to express good wishes. On the second day, I got up early, put on the new clothes, eat mother package Boiled dumplings, I and my mom and dad went to grandma pay New Year’s call. We carry large bags of gifts. Along the way, I saw the mall are engaged in the activities, everywhere decorated, very lively! I am humming a ditty, very happy. Came to the house door, the door close to the red couplets, very happy. I rang the doorbell, grandma heard the bell came to the door, she walked, said: “ is our horse Ruocheng come, wait! ” grandmother seems to speak louder than usual, the pace is much faster. Open the door, I quickly said: “ grandmother, new year is good! ” grandma saw me and said with a smile:2014 FitFlop 3 Black Diamond“ well, come on, open air conditioning room, you Grandpa in the room, quickly warm. ” I came into the room after the call: “ Grandpa, happy new year, I come. ” then I put my grandmother pulled into the room and said to them: “ I wish Grandpa, grandma health, longevity, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, happy new year! ” grandma nodded and said, “ you are a good girl! ” grandpa said: “ you really grow up. ” and then they took out a red envelope and handed it to me.Men sale FitFlops“ also wish you a new year of study and progress, good luck in everything! ” I took the red envelope said: “ thank you, Grandpa and grandma. ” I had a meal at my grandmother’s house, and set off firecrackers. The original pay New Year’s call really very happy, not only can get the gift money, also can give others to send blessings, you can get a blessing. Downstairs firecrackers kept “ Charlie para ” ringing, I can not help but think of a poem written by Wang Anshi “yuan”. “ a suichu fireworks, energy-saving. Numerous households very bright day, the new peach old fu. ” Ma RuochengLaarzen Heren timberlandPay New Year’s call