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The beginning of autumn

The examination room quietly, only to hear the rustle of writing in the empty room echoed. My heart is not very bright at the moment. When the summer, there is snow all over the sky, as if there are thousands of unable to get rid of sorrow. Alas, such a long time seriously hard to review, eventually face is just a piece of white paper, how is the heart of sadness? Someone with a sigh, behind the helpless? Suppression of 2013 Rokkit Black Fitflop or boring? Had to listen to the teacher said: & ldquo; the test is a turning point in life, to you such aces is undoubtedly a Kumufengchun, carp leapFitFlopOpportunity。 ” “ maybe it is. ” I answered with a touch of light. He seemed to know. After the senior high school entrance examination, still not so hard? Even in the higher education institutions, and then a few years, in the face of what is not a pale paper? How to turn? Oh, presumably, the hearts of the winter but also lasting, I am afraid it is not coming! Out of the window, willow green, they had already experienced the winter. The beginning of spring when they have hit upon joy! They were struggling to absorb rain days, growing up, not eventually escape to the sad autumn leaf? If so, why do we have to fight so hard, so hard? At this time, a wisp of breeze, sent Yoyagi Miehajung fragrance, a sober mind. I suddenly thought, the willow inexhaustible samsara, struggling to grow, not just to the world of dense fragrance? After a winter’s cold, perhaps, their hearts as early as hopeBoot Short Leather Black FitflopAt the beginning of spring warm moment, knowing that the leaves all over the sky, knowing that there is snow and ice cold branches, but this is, after all, a beginning and an end. After the beginning of spring, their fragrance will fill the world, it is. Yes ah! The results of the test is not important, it is important that the old and new alternative after the new life ring. In the ring, we struggle, we laugh, we are confident let own aborigine’s temperament and Xiang Hua Zhao full world! I do not know when, the heart feel warm. The heart that process. After the beginning of spring, the flowers will eventually open, the hard kind will eventually take root, sprout, someday, why worry about not incense Yuan Yi Qing Qing Zhuo heaven and earth? Someone ahead of you, I have decided to sit to the end. Yes, it is a turning point, why not let the process to enrich the regret? The beginning of autumn