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Color appreciation: the story of the bridge (readme body)

Do you know who I am? Oh, you should know, I am a long bridge, and is a disciple of Luban built the bridge. From ancient times to the present, I stand here, has experienced ups and downs, cold Sun & hellip; & hellip; several long pieces of stone bridge the my body, but my body is very sturdy. I was a stone bridge, connecting the two sides, never fall over. Birds often fly around me, from time to time to rest on my shoulder. Little fish in my side to play, from time to time to stop on my shoulder to rest. Little fish in my side to play, from time to time to jump out of the water, and I say hello. In this way, I selfless dedication. Time has passed, it is not aware of the twenty-first Century. Now is the high-tech, with the passage of time, I am more and more behind the. The bird looked at me and left me in my arms. Fish cried, cried to departed loved ones, cried miserable life & hellip; & hellip; my heart is broken soon, how I want to go back to the previous period of happy time ah! suddenlyGogh FitFlopI got angry, angry, and I got angry with some adults. I give peopleShoes sale uk FitFlopThey are convenient, like a good mother, selfless dedication. Students go to school far away every day, if not I, students can stick to it? But what is it that you gave me? Is hurt! From ancient to modern times, with the continuous development of science and technology, from my kind mother, turned into a white haired old man of flowers. A little bit of time in the past, my foot has been filled with rotten mud, dirty rubbish. Because my body is more and more dirty, smelly, my partner & mdash; & mdash; the river has become stink to high heaven, even dry. Through the people here, cover the nose and go. I breathed a sigh of 2014 DUE PATENT Fitflop Sandals Red. Think back to yesterday, Luban built me. Today, I’m getting behind. Tomorrow, what will it be? Will anyone repair it? Will someone help me? This has to rely on their own imagination! I am a bridge, a stone bridge built by Luban brothers. Now is a dangerous bridge. How I wish people could help me and make me the best bridge in the world! (Instructor: Cao Dianjuan (Jiangsu Province Guanyun County Green Literary Society) color pictures of appreciation: The Story Bridge readme (body)