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A beautiful home in my heart

My heart of the better homes in that moment, I have a good home — — china. Talking about my home — — China, sometimes happy; sometimes sad; sometimes sad, but my home is full. Decades ago, our home also without the Communist Party, because home is weak, suffered the invasion, the people suffered the bullying and oppression, facing the moment of death, under the leadership of the CPC sons and daughters of the Chinese nation fought, with their lives and blood to defend the motherland and the people. Since then, the Communist Party was born in China. My home is this: to hear the crisp sound of the birds twittering and soft sound can every morning. The campus can hear the children of Lang Lang doushusheng farmers; diligent figure of farmland. In the evening, you can see the sunset sunset, the beautiful moment, hear the birds back to the nest when the call. In the evening, after the children have finished their homework, they can play with each festival, people will take the children to the countryside to play, you can also bring the tool for the motherland’s natural environment. Now our home is developing very fast, there are mountains and water, everywhere is full of joy and spectacular. Bright and spacious road, high-rise buildings everywhere, one of an array of department stores, wide streets passenger reviews. My home there are many city known to the world: &ldquo &rd; Six DynastiesSupertone sale FitFlopQuo; the nameFitflop Via Urban White New的南京,有“东方之珠&rdQuo; the name的香港;还有宏伟壮观的建筑——长城、世界上最大的古建筑群——故宫、最大的广场——天安门广场等等。现在这一切的生活和美好的家园都是革命烈士们用生命和鲜血灌入而来的,我们要加倍珍惜。我们要奋发努力,学习更多的知识,把我们的家园建设得更加美好! 南京市六合区双语小学四(五)班 乙组沈欣怡 10岁 电话:15651898999 指导老师:张丽芳老师 Hardloopschoenen ASICsA beautiful home in my heart