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Interesting childhood
Childhood as life is like a plot twists and turns of the film, and that a wonderful little lens composed of colorful life. I love life, love that a small lens, it makes my life full of laughter. Whenever I’m upset, I think of that funny little camera. One of the most interesting of these is the first time I have to wear my own clothes! At that time I have been on the elementary school second grade the, I have been a & ldquo; little princess & rdquo; like & ldquo; clothing to hand, mouth & rdquo;FitFlops bronzelife。 After a year, my mother was kind to me, said “ clearly, after a year you will be a year old, you are now 7 years old, should learn to wear their own clothes. You should not ask your mother to help you wear, or the students laughed at you. ” I listened, I am proud to say “ wear clothes, this can not be difficult to me! ” on the second day, I got up early, looked at the clothes on the pillow, and began to study, and I thought, “what the hell am I wearing?” Just after my thinking, I finally picked out a piece of soft cloth, and I started to wear it. Okay, I have no difficulty to set up. “ ah. ” I call up, why do IUK FitFlop AmazonNeck so uncomfortable, just like a rope stuck my neck like, very uncomfortable. I came to the mirror. The little rabbit on my chest went there. I turned around to see that I had to wear the clothes. Well, I can only take off my clothes! I confused the clothes and trousers all dressed. Then, I proudly out of the living room, proud of my mother said “ mom, you see me more than … ” I have not said to play, my mother laughed. I very much puzzled asked her mother: Mom, why are you laughing?. Mom still laughed and said to me “ you look at your buttons. ” I looked down, so that I had the wrong door. I spit tongue, quickly changedShoes sale women FitFlopcome here。 Hey, the first time I dress is utterly ridiculous! Interesting childhood

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My Ideal
My ideal is the vane on the sea, the ideal is the alpine snow lotus, ideal is the wind and waves in the boat, carrying me heading for victory in the other side. Everyone has a good idea, but my ideal is to become a writer. When I was young, in the book in the home fragrance Tao I fell in love with writing. Admire those writers, admire their superb writing skills and rich imagination. I saw them nib, put a piece of ordinary small things become so rich and colorful, let a person read fluently, prolonged does not forget. Zhu Ziqing’s prose “rush”, let me feel the time to rush the passage; Lao She’s “raise flower”, let me understand the philosophy of life; Feng Jicai “pearl bird”, let me know the between people and animals good feelings & hellip; & hellip; these essays inspired my writing desire, the desire more firmly me as a writer’s determination. From then on, I began to work hard to achieve this ideal. In order to let this become a reality as soon as possible, I eagerly read a lot of books, from learn the knowledge of the nutrient.FitFlop shoe saleWork a harvest. So, my writing is continuously improved. I feel a lot from writing in daily lifeFitflop.co.ukCan not understand the philosophy of life! Of course, I also want to know from love writing to become a writer, the process is not simple, it will be full of hardships and bitter. To become a true writer, first of all to have a solid foundation. In the daily learning studentsFitFlops shoes saleLive in, I always adhere to this philosophy: read more, think more, see more, listen more, learn more, practice. Reading is reading, accumulation of beautiful words in sentences; DOS is in appreciation of the excellent work, to be good at analyzing and absorbing; see and listen to is the accumulation of the little things in life; learn to learn writing skills; practice is frequently write, which is to improve the writing level of one of the most important link. In order to achieve the ideal when a writer. I’m doing unremitting efforts & hellip; & hellip; ideal is an abyss, jumped down from that moment onwards, forcing you to fighting. Either Mirs, whirlwind; either Shichen yuan bottom, no sound & hellip; & hellip; and I choose the former, I will strive, step by step toward the ideal of their own! My Ideal