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A happy summer vacation
The flight of time, and a Time flies like a shuttle. summer vacation is over. If you ask me how I was doing, I would not hesitate to answer: “ happy! &rdBrown Flower Type FitFlopQuo; yes, my summer vacation life like a colorful bridge, rich and colorful, outing, touch shrimp, fishing, playing & hellip; & hellip; but make me the most unforgettable is an outing. I remember it was a sunny morning, we had just finished breakfast, Dad suggested: “ let’s go outing today. ” grandmother, mother, sister and I said: “ by common consent! ” after a while, we packed our bags and set foot on the road. On the way, sister flower nodded to us, the grandfather to our sister and we waved his hand, wind gently hugs. Unconsciously, we reached our destination. Where the picturesque, so that people feel like a pro in wonderland. At the foot of the grass is soft, waterfall splashed from above down stream, magnificent, it is & ldquo; Fei Liu Mashimo 3000 feet suspected Galaxy nine days off. ”Sneaker FitFlopInto the woods, we saw a tall and thickSlippers FitFlopsStrong trees, very lush foliage, like a piece of emerald leaves, a cluster of pile on top of another cluster, not to stay a little gap. The emerald green color shone brightly in our eyes, it seemed that there was a new life on every leaf. Under the tree covered with a variety of wildflowers, contests, red, white, yellow, pink, green & hellip; & hellip; red Sihuo, white as snow, yellow Sirkin, powder Ru Xia, green like jade & hellip; & hellip; colorful, very beautiful. I am greedy lying on the grass, a breeze blowing, refreshing. After lunch, we began to catch fish in the river. The water clear, the fish in the water and we play hide and seek. Although the head in the sun, we tired and exhausted, but we play is fun. Afternoon, we took the trophy, with “ &rdquo. Summer vacation life is short, but give us infinite happiness, it let me unforgettable.

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My heart of the National Day Gala highlights
My heart of the National Day Gala highlights October 1st at 8 o’clock, I can not wait to turn on the TV, watching “ National Day Gala ”. The party one of the old artists, each one singing, we brought a wonderful concert, although I don’t enjoy the songs, but I think very nicely. In particular, the three highlights of the gala, very exciting, toHooper FitFlopsChinese people and even the worldFitFlop pietraPeople in the world show a different China. First highlight is 4000 trees & ldquo; luminous Tree & rdquo; & ldquo; Light Cube & rdquo; these & ldquo; light emitting Tree & rdquo; with high-tech content, every tree & ldquo; luminous Tree & rdquo; LED tube through a computer program control, can transform of seven kinds of colors. “ the height of the tree ” can also transform, more than 4000 performers in the “ tree ” under the hand holding props with “ &rdquo. Moreover, it shows the number has more than 4000 people, covers an area of 9000 square meters, according to the different subjects, at different times with fireworks and the masses gala performances, transform different patterns and colors, showing to the audience in the colorful visual effects. The second highlight is the flame performance, this time the Olympic Games more perfect, the fireworks art form is rich and colorful, its size, shape, including a lot of art design is first appeared, especially the 60 a lovely smile and leading to the & ldquo; Lu Tian & rdquo; train.Shoes sale FitFlopsMore refreshing! The third highlight is at the end of the party, XX, XX, the prime minister and other state leaders and the people of all our nationalities people together hand in hand to dance, creative this time is the best embodies the & ldquo; with the public & rdquo;! Wonderful Gala, let me feel Chinese rich and powerful, I sincerely bless our dear motherland happy birthday!