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“The first lesson”.Rokkit Pretty White Diamond Black Sandals Fitflop& ldquo; first class school & rdquo; feedback on the first of September night, I see the & ldquo; first class school & rdquo; heart feel deep and know the Xu many of truth. The first lesson: “ love ”. In this lesson, Wang Xiaoya and monitor pleasant brings children from Inner Mongolia prairie, they sweet songs will intoxicate me, and make me understand a truth: the 56 ethnic groups composed of the big family of the motherland, we are loving family. Only if we unite and help each other, harmonious and friendly, our country will live in peace and prosperity. Second lesson: “ love is power ”. In this lesson, just to participate in the Taiwan & ldquo; Morakot & rdquo; typhoon rescue the founder of Jet Li’s one foundation came, he sent the initiative of love: & ldquo; as long as we everyone give a little love, what difficulties together can defeat the. ” thirdFitflop Lunetta Black NewClass: “ love is taking ”Sneakers FitFlop. Ma Pengfei, a 13 year old boy from Shenyang, began to take care of her grandmother when she was 4 years old. She got up at five, 22 stores in the middle of the night to rest, from home to school 4 km of the road he never the way trotted, never took a bus, how touching ah! Grandma’s most memorable is that Ma Pengfei was 8 years old when his grandmother had a birthday. And we have never been a parent to the birthday, and invited friends and eat delicious cake, very stylish! But we want to be the most close to the people who have a birthday, for their loved ones to do a meal? Even if it is a bowl of noodles, a pot of Steamed Rice? E? Ma Pengfei is three years older than our family, it has done more than 9 years of cooking and housework, we? I’m afraid I haven’t even washed the dishes! Fourth lesson: “ love is the glory ”. This lesson I learned that behind the glory of the country is a strong country, is dedication, perseverance and perseverance. Love is sharing, love is power, love is love, love is the glory. Let us all give love, pass love, a small love gathered into love, love is love Chinese from start!

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Interesting childhood
When I am free to travel in the water, there are always people who boast me: “ Liu Haile ah, how to swim so well! ” I’m smiling, not to answer. Since then, I always think of my childhood interesting embarrassment. At that time, I was young, my mother always said life is a cat, because I am afraid of the water! Probably for as long as I can remember. I was very afraid of the water, not all afraid, soaked playing I like, but once splashed on the face to a little bit of water, like day to fall down the sameRiata FitFlopThis shampoo with the enemy. Each shampoo, our home will be staged “ &rdquo, the first is the mother trilogy; give me at least 5 minutes to do the ideological work, the idea is to wash the importance and benefits, and then I will put forward all kinds of unreasonable demands, including the meaning of the passage: head tilted angle is 75 degrees, the time cannot exceed three minutes, on the face never spilled water and so on, about half an hour later, the mother finally unbearable, I pulled up to the bathtub to wash, after a few seconds, I began to howl: “ well no, three minutes has arrived, the water splashed over, the end of the end, will flow to eyes, hurry up to … … ” each of the trilogy in my sad crying in the end. So long three minutes past, my mother and I were both tired as a fight. There is a mother away, my father could not bear the torrent of language offensive, to the I had thrown into the bathtub, press and hold the head began to wash, I simply said, & ldquo; Guikulanghao & rdquo;, & ldquo; the startled world indescribably & rdquo; can not describe my misery, washing afterFitFlops cloggs, tears and nose are quick to fill the bathtub, out of the “ &rdquo! Later, in my father’s training, I began to slowly pickFitFlop shoes cheapWater, water, like water. Every time I go to the swimming pool, the water quietly from toe to toe, I always feel very happy, I finally became a “ swimming fish ” “ &rdquo! The childhood silly past but forever in my heart.