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The Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival more than two thousand years ago, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan yangtianzhangtan soon as the river grows steadily, put a rolling rapids, two thousand years later, the fifth day of the fifth month into the traditional festival & mdash; & mdash; the Dragon Boat Festival, all the dumplings, dragon boat racing, boiled eggs, with a variety of ways to commemorate the great patriotic poet. Also is a year of the Dragon Boat Festival, I really want to realize this kind of atmosphere, then to the grandmother asked, let her teach me how to pack the dumplings. My grandmother taught me the zongzi, first of all to the clean skin of bamboo leaves, soaked in hot water. Then ready for dates, egg, meat do you like depression, the depressionWalkstar FitFlopsCook delicious, can be started. First long Indocalamus folding, crowded round, made a nest, the middle into the prepared rice and rice, including the edges and corners. Then stuck on the meter, and knead together, finally the skin of bamboo leaf wrapped dumplings made of four angular shape. The zongzi Kung Fu full in the last procedure, your dumplings package, OK, see the three corners is not symmetrical, is not a type. I began to learn, always put the three corners sideways, not into the four corners, is a crumpled ball. Grandma just looked at my &ldquo more than once; ” “ this is the name of the rice dumplings?Discount FitFlopSystem where ah? & rdquo; I faint! Emotional zongzi pack three edges is convenient with string tied to hang up, how this world there is no round dumplings? Pack a good dumplings into the pot boil with the raging fire, about 1 hour later, change slow fire cook for 30 minutes can be. Dumplings in the boiling process, I always Can’t wait to expose the cover to look.Crush boots FitFlopCondition. Because the dumplings from the pot smell that fragrance, greedy DC slobber I. The waiting time is always special long, see steaming dumplings finally from the pot & ldquo; liberation & rdquo; came out. I am glad to dance. In a bowl, chopsticks unwrap, you can see the inside soft golden & ldquo; dumpling meat & rdquo;, a bite, delicious, I almost even chopsticks are going to bite down. This year the Dragon Boat Festival, I learned to pack the dumplings, taste the fruits of their labor, it is not a general sweet. Oh, I finally learned.