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I love the four seasons.FitFlop sale pietraI love the four seasons of the District, I love the four seasons of the District, the District of the four seasons is how beautiful, each season has different characteristics. Spring sister to the districtWonderful Sandals Khaki Red FitFlopThe courtyard decorated very beautiful. The colorful rose is white, yellow, and pink. One after another, a beam, a crowd, from a distance, like a few pieces of colorful clouds, densely crowded together. There are countless flowers, grass, spring are painted with beautiful color sister. In the morning, the flowers and plants issued a faint fragrance, at noon that the fragrance will become more and more concentrated. In the evening, the yard is very quiet, only hear the worms in a whisper to one another. Spring trees spit yellow bud, from time to time there are a few sparrows flying. The warm sunshine in the building to the building covered with a golden scarf, looked magnificent. Summer residential area is lively. Although the sun, scorching sun, but the summer scenery fascinating. Trees grow thick branches and leaves, tree nests are more and more, know more and more. At noon, the cicada cried loudly, make people upset. The river’s Willow hands, shoulder and shoulder, the breeze blowing, “ ”; “ &rdquo. Small beautiful autumn, autumn girl with her magic wand a little tree, put on new clothes. LeafUK best price FitFlopsWith the wind swinging up to the sky, and finally fell on the ground, to the earth covered with a layer of golden carpet. Autumn girl with her magic wand a little maple, maple leaves turn red, red like a cloud of burning flame. Although my grandfather is so cold in winter, but he is spotless. Sometimes he would leave the area as a white world. The roof, the ground, and the branches are covered with thick snow. The window on the adhesive layers of ice, some are hexagonal, some Pentagon, there are a variety of graphics. Although the yard flowers have withered, the leaves have dropped out, there is a vast expanse of whiteness. The kids in the yard, snowmen, snowball fights, very happy. Because of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the district has become colorful and beautiful. I love spring, summer, autumn and winter, I love the four seasons of the district.

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I have developed a good habit of saving water.
I have developed a good habit of saving water. Li Wenhui is a good habit to develop. Many people believe that water is “ inexhaustible,Walkers FitFlops ward&rdquo, in fact, be inexhaustible; so I think before, is not the case. I used to be a little friend of water, it is a thing to change me, I always remember this thing. I remember one day, I like before entered the house, habitually to pool, unscrew the faucet & ldquo; wow & rdquo; the water like a waterfall like spewing from the tap, I heartily to my hand washing a & ldquo; cold bath & rdquo; and, after a while, the water flow most of the pool. After washing my hands, I quickly ran to the room to do my homework. After a while, her mother-in-law, see &ldquo as &r;FitFlop sandals sale AmazonDquo; the water in the water, angrily called: “ who did not turn off the tap? ” at this moment, I think, I have forgotten the water. I replied, “&ldquo.” Oh, it’s me. ” woman, sincere words and earnest wishes and said to me: “ know? Water is the most precious thing in the world. It is an indispensable human being. The world’s fresh water only accounts for 7% of water, and only 0.8% of fresh water. Humans are not from the water, people can not eat a few days, but not a few days do not drink. If you are wasting it, one day it will disappear. ” mother’s words taught me, and since then, I swear I will never waste water. That month passed quickly, due to the waste of water, and the result was very high, and I was ashamed of my. Afterwards, her mother-in-law told me: we shouldFitflop Lunetta Pewter NewThe water saving, water recycling, rice water can water the flowers, wash clothes water can sweep the floor, wash with water can flush the toilet & hellip; & hellip; save water can not only protect the water resources, but also a two, really is the best of both worlds! Since then, I have developed a good habit of saving water.