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Qingming outing
Qingming outing today is Tomb Sweeping Day, early in the morning the sky Piaoqi drizzle, really called & quot; Qingming Festival have rain ah & quot! My mom and dad drove together to the Xuyi play. Xuyi from Nanjing, have more than 100 kilometers, is the production of lobster. Therefore, people will Xuyi for shrimp. Along the way, on both sides of the road open golden rape flowers, far from looking like a piece of golden carpetBrown Flower Type FitFlopDestination, we went into the Tieshan Xuyi Temple National Forest Park. We walked to the river, saw a group of ducks in the water swam happily to swim to, as long as they find food, took a dive into the bar to eat the food. From time to time & quot; quack & quot; the call a few times. To the Peacock Garden, not the door to hear peacock & quot; oh oh & quot; cry, follow the voice us through the bamboo forest, distantClogs FitFlopsA group of people gathered there, I think: there must be a peacock. Where we go, indeed as expected found here really peacocks. People were fed them to photograph. At this time, a male peacock as if to meet us2014 FitFlop 3 Diamond到来,展开了它那美丽的羽毛.孔雀开屏了,游客们纷纷按下快门,拍下这美好的瞬间,爸爸也不失时机给我拍了几张照片.出了孔雀园,我们来到山脚下,又听到了"咩咩"的叫声,只见那儿有一群山羊在欢快地吃着嫩草.最后我们来到一座浮桥上,这桥有几十米长,十几米高.一开始我很紧张,看着桥下的流水,不敢过去.在妈妈的鼓励下我迈出了第一步.走了几步后,我终于战胜了心中的恐惧,走过了浮桥.我不禁为自己的勇敢而感到骄傲.来到了虾都,那当然要一品龙虾为快了.到了饭店,点了龙虾和当地的特色菜.我们按照当地的歌谣吃起了龙虾:抓起龙虾钳,品尝龙虾味;抓住龙虾腰,拨开龙虾头;吸掉龙虾黄,拨开龙虾腹;拽下龙虾尾,吃掉龙虾肉.不一会,我们就把美味的龙虾统统消灭光了,那鲜美的滋味让我至今回味.