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0026 nbsp; is now 3999 years, I was appointed captain commando universe, Air Force Commander, I have 10,000 fighters, 45000 0026 ldquo; Scorpion 0026 rdquo; there are nine black horse gunship battle spaceship.
One morning, I was called into the squad presidential public rooms, the president said: 0026 ldquo; give you a mission to explore the solar system, the successful completion of any of the things you want.
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; ensure the completion of the task.
0026 Rdquo; we have 20 players starting five infantry assault cook 15 computer engineers stand messenger horse battle spaceship.

0026 nbsp; I explore life in the solar system, black holes, I was given oversight sucked, and I immediately called to discuss a computer engineer, found a wormhole we fly out from inside a wormhole.
I was in a red planet, a landing was surrounded by a group of soldier that I have played fitflop outlet plasma guns began to counterattack.
The soldiers died in the head, we captured a lot of soldiers, it rokkit cosmic purple told me this is the volcano stars, Rivas eyes of fire is very powerful, discount fitflops uk Rivas We saw 10 of his gun to kill the Dragon Emperor
The successful completion of any substance.

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One day at noon, the pig went to the river to wash, suddenly shouted: 0026 ldquo; Oh mother!
This is me?
I gnaw so fat it!
0026 Rdquo ;.
Pig composed himself, convinced that their own reflection in the water, he muttered to himself, said: 0026 ldquo; not to die!
I have to go on to heaven, let marching help me cut it cut a fat one.
0026 Rdquo;

Early next morning, Pig pack over the necessary baggage will be out the door, walked thinking: Oh, I Laozhu lose weight easily and not move, trifle, which heavenly gods do not give me face, I
But heaven had Marshal canopy.
Pig came to a more open grassland, rub into the sky, then straight into the clouds night like an eagle, and soon disappeared in the clouds.

To heaven, Pig first came next Taishanglaojun alchemy furnace, 0026 ldquo; Taishanglaojun, Taishanglaojun, Are you there?
0026 Rdquo; he cried beside alchemy furnace.
Taishanglaojun shuffles slowly came out from the back room and asked fitflop boots sale cheap Road: 0026 ldquo; Who?
Who is calling me?
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; I die, do not know me 0026 rdquo ;.
Pig replied.
Taishanglaojun forward a closer look, he said: 0026 ldquo; Oh, it’s you 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Marshal canopy Yeah, how do you have time for me to sit, really occasional visitors occasional visitors ah!
0026 Rdquo; do not beat around the bush pig, bluntly said: 0026 ldquo; I have come to you to beg for an elixir.
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; What do you want to do elixir?
0026 Rdquo; Taishanglaojun asked.
Pig truthfully say: 0026 ldquo; hey!
Do you think I was too fat, too, would like to cut a cut, especially to help you find Laojun.
Assembly of Immortals heaven say, as long as you eat this a miracle drug, what disease can rule well.
Cure my obesity was not a piece of cake for you.
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; winning, winning!
0026 Rdquo; Taishanglaojun modestly said: 0026 ldquo; Let me give you a look at again, after going for blood tests to determine if you can eat me refining elixir.
0026 Rdquo; Taishanglaojun said, to find the needle equipment, under which men black fitflop dass can be miserable, Pig injections fear of his life, but think about it in order to lose weight also had endured.
Then Taishanglaojun gave Pig blood can come out of the blood are all greasy.
0026 Ldquo; I can not help you, just all this blood into oil, eat elixir will not work, you still have to find another immortal now.
0026 Rdquo; Pig leave the Taishanglaojun confidently came to the front of the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor wanted to have a certain way, but the answer is quite different.
Finally, the pig can only come to the Buddha, pray for Buddha to help him lose weight, the Buddha told his answer is: 0026 ldquo; all others lose weight this thing can not help you, you can only rely on your own perseverance, year round exercise, eating habits,
only fitflop aztek chada slide rio pink likely get cut down.
0026 Rdquo; Pig got the final answer, only to return to the mortal dejected.

In later days, Pig every day exercise, physical activity, Su Yi Jian food, raising a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, the consequences of a year really lost a big circle, has become more than ever the spirit.