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Episode 1 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Hamo life experience 0026 nbsp;

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; I was supposed to do promise galaxy Lone Star , but the pirates came, they killed my parents , I was the only one small Hamo escaped, but the pirates they have to catch
Once I exhausted volcano fled star Justin met Master , Master saved me.
One day, there is a small fitflop black flower type Purcell came, Dr. said: the little Hamo will give you , and you have to take care of it.
Blink of an eye , the owner brought me back to the base , I began to feel afraid, but I have a sister in Tias mistake when fitflops best price uk, Axiat sister, Pauker sister, Ruth King brother , magic flame orangutan
brother , sister Lisa Bubu protect me.
Gradually, my master took me to upgrade it!
One day the owner went out, Ruth King brother recommended to volcanic star to play, I said: I’m not going !
Ruth King brother know that I was afraid, because I was 12 .
My brother said : okay, go !
Say it took me to go, Tias sister, Axiat sister, Pauker sister, all went!
I was happy to have a Barnett said: Where to see my kid collision !
Then it hit me .
In the nick of time ……

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kitchen quarrel

Late at night, the wind has been blowing blowing , the rain has crashed underground .

District, executed a day ground willow brother tired , fitflop hooper However, such a big blow hit him how the storm could not sleep .
Suddenly, from a family ‘s kitchen came a burst of arguing .
How is it ?
Willow brother warily near that house, kitchen window .

0026 ldquo; this really horrible weather I can not stand it!
Are you, let our environment is getting worse !
0026 rdquo; a rich voice complained.

0026 ldquo; how can you blame us?
We do not like the horrible weather it!
0026 rdquo; to plead with a loud voice .

Oh, is that the kitchen a few plastic bags and had an argument .
0026 ldquo; They are not friend?
How would quarrel together?
0026 rdquo; willow brother sounded curiously .

0026 ldquo; not because of you ?
15 years ago , the number of your family in China reached about 11 million tons .
Most of you to waste film , plastic bags and foam tableware form , are discarded in the urban areas , scenic areas, water bodies , roads on both sides .
You not only affects the landscape , resulting in 0026 lsquo; 0026 rsquo ;, visual pollution but also because you difficult to degrade the ecological environment poses a potential hazard.
0026 rdquo;

0026 ldquo; Well, you are jealous of us !
We volume light , easy to use .
You are not the owner look over our love for your favorite !
0026 rdquo; a red plastic bag with tinny voice.

0026 ldquo; Many people prefer us !
We think small businesses affordable, easy to carry, a box can make a lot of people use ; big business who think we can print advertising , to facilitate their product publicity and promotion ; color artists like us, take us
playing artwork 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo; a blue plastic bag adds.

0026 ldquo; Yes, you only see us well, you did not see our benefits.
Our benefits are obvious .
Since we use the convenient , everybody get past that line up to buy food for lunch in the school cafeteria door scene vanished past that everyone is carrying a bamboo basket shopping scene in the major markets disappeared.
We are the sorts of things that can be installed , the prime meat , hot cold, dilute dry, we all can be installed .
Like what you picky death , dirty fundamental Nabuchushou !
0026 rdqfitflop rock chic red sandalsuo; a white plastic bag continues adds.

0026 ldqugirls fitflopso; you ah , too lacking in knowledge of it!
Do you know your material polymer compounds , stable structure , not easy to be a natural microbial degradation .
If you can not degrade , then naturally you will need more than 200 years of decay .
If humans do not recycle you, and you mix in the land , it will cause soil compaction , affecting crops absorb nutrients and water , leading to crop failures ; put you arbitrarily abandoned on land or in water , you will be when the animals and fish
for food ingestion , causing the death of animals and fish or affect their growth.
0026 rdquo;

Bags getting more and more excited, more and more high voice , 0026 ldquo; You know, whenever windy weather , you can easily be scraped danced , some hanging in the trees , some hanging on the wire
on clearing up the time-consuming and dangerous , which greatly increase the workload of sanitation workers .
If you burn a fire , you will emit toxic gases , air pollution, human health 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo;

0026 ldquo; rumbling 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; 0026 rdquo; a clap of thunder sounded, bags angry voice was covered up .
Willow wind brother was taken away from the windows, kitchen bags are quickly scared then shrunk to a group .
0026 ldquo; We can not blame this way , is a human invention created us to!
You have the ability to talk about humanity 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo; when you leave , willow brother heard a whisper plead bags .

Night darkens, the wind was still blowing blowing, the rain was still crashed underground .

0026 nbsp;

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I really like to see much more attractive a dream , because there are some surprising things from the past or the future of the world , so I thought I would use every day lamp , it can also become a versatile yet
I would pick up a pen and paper , depicts a lamp I imagined .

I designed this lamp is triple , it has lamps, video machines and telephone functions.

Such lamps are designed specifically for children , color light pink ( female ) , and light blue ( male ), with the lamp uses the latest Eye tube , there are many popular base of the lamp
everyone’s favorite cartoon characters .
Light switch is a small frog in its right side is a small telephone numbers are written on the face of hello kitty , children can use it to call Mom and Dad, beside the phone also has a video machines, each
button is a Mickey Mouse head, but next to the headphones , you can listen to music , if you want a fitflop frou sandals all purplebronze fitflops go , just press a button , video machines will become part of a small, lightweight portable immediately
listen to every part of lamp is waterproof , washable arbitrary , with a hammer hammer does not matter.
I designed the old lamp point , it will not burn , a lamp can be used under normal circumstances , at least more than 50 years , in the following lamp base has a small drawer , kids to put pen , eraser and some other small things.

I have this design fitflop rock chic black will achieve in the near future , will be going door to door with my lamp design