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“The wizard of Oz”.

“The wizard of Oz” this book reflects the value of the concept of good and evil, it praises the truth, goodness and beauty, condemned the false, ugly, evil, strong contrast, and bright. Today, I spent a whole day reading a book about a legendary book, that is “the wizard of Oz”. This book is mainly about the beautiful and kind-hearted girl Dorothy and uncle Henry, Aunt Em live in the grasslands of Kansas. One day, a tornado blew her into a strange and magical country: &mdash, &mdash, and austria. There, she gradually met the scarecrow, iron Woodman and cowardly lion, they in order to achieve their own wishes, help each other, work together, through hardships, but also encountered many strange things. Finally, with their extraordinary intelligence and indomitable willpower, they got what they wanted. The plot of the book is very exciting. “The story of the surface of the wizard of Oz” seems absurd and unreal, in essence, can be perfectly logical and reasonable. The value of friendship and the pursuit of happiness, wisdom, love and courage are the themes of many literary works. “The wizard of Oz” also reflects the value of the concept of good and evil, it praises the truth, goodness and beauty, condemned the false, ugly, evil, strong contrast, and bright. The author, by virtue of his own practice of writing, the lifelike characters and animals in the lie are vividly portrayed. There are beautiful and kind, but poor taste of Dorothy; naughty, naughty and clever, but toto; a little naive scarecrow, but timid and overcautious.FitFlops at bootsHave the courage the cowardly lion, fight for justice, easy to be moved by the things of iron Woodman, to leave a deep impression. The characters in the book is worth learning, Dorothy to save will be killed by a lion and Toto to open blood regardless of personal danger of the lion’s nose mouth Peng hit a punch; the scarecrow face a bottomless cliff face Four0 iron Woodman fearless; only the big bad wolf hack slash; lion to save partners life with a bear fight resolutely. It’s such a touching story. Their spirit is always in my heart! I also want to encounter difficulties as DorothyTimberland SCHOENENDo not give up, brave forward, overcome difficulties. Pu elementary school girl Jing respect Instructor: Li Ying, this article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two01Four FitFlop Three Diamond BlackTwo11918FourFive198Three9FiveFourFour90.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext page“The wizard of Oz”.

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Blow table tennis match

Table tennis, the star of the timescomposition四年级三班 张琳悦指导老师:姚晓梅 今天,composition班的姚老师带领全班同学做了一个有趣的游戏——水上吹乒乓球。 姚老师把游戏规则告诉了大家,每个组有四个杯子,前三个装满水,最后一个不装水。我们把一个乒乓球放在第一个杯上,同学们来吹,先吹到空杯的人获胜,若球在杯子中掉了,就要重新从第一个杯子开始吹。 老师话音未落,同学们一听兴奋不已,巴不得游戏马上就开始。 游戏终于开始了,第一轮是刘裕昕vs我们组的贾云皓。第一回合,只听老师刚喊“开始”,两人便都使出了吃奶的劲使劲地吹,可球却不听贾云皓的使唤,从第一个杯子上落了下来。刘裕昕则轻轻的吹,当贾云皓准备重新吹时,刘裕昕的球就已吹到了第三个杯子里了,之后,刘裕昕又站起来使劲一吹,球听话的被吹进了第四个杯子。唉,我们组失败了。 第二轮是刘戴源vs我们组的周昱晟。只见刘戴源表情淡定,面带微笑,沉着冷静地应战。周笠晟则认为,对战刘戴源,简直是小菜一碟,十分有把握。开始了,刘戴源半蹲下,周FitFlop, Wonderful, Sandals, Khaki, RedYu Sheng is completely squat, two hands on both sides of the table, eyes motionless staring at table tennis. The teacher gave the order, two people began to blow. When Liu Daiyuan blew second cups, Zhou Lisheng had blown third cups. I think we’re going to win. But who knows, when the ball is not satisfied, from the cup fell to the ground. Liu Daiyuan took the opportunity to put the ball, done in one vigorous effort to fourth cup blow. The second team won again. The third round was Yang Zhuohang, vs, Zhang Wenjing, and our team lost again. Hey! What’s wrong with it today? What a bad luck.Girls FitFlopsWhy did our group lose all this time? I summed it up because I didn’t have the skills! I have to go back to practice, I must personally go to play next time! The teacher’s recommendation: the little writer writes funny scenes with a humorous languageFitFlop sko udsalgAfter reading it, there is an immersive feeling. This article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two11918FourFive8Four99TwoTwoTwo00.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageBlow table tennis match

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Unforgettable experiences

Kindergarten, I won a championship. I was only a few years old, on a large class. But I have a &ldquo &rdquo rare gifts and bold strategy;. Miss Xu likes me very much, too. One day, we were having a lesson when suddenly Mr. Xu came in. Said that the school will hold a story telling contest, so that I had a terrible dream with tian. The terrible dream is about a child who has not been lying in love with each other. One day he dreams of being an old man with a bow and a waist, and when he wakes up, he decides to change the problem. I opened the book and looked at it! Oh dear! It’s gonna be terrible this time! If I get stuck or middle forgetting is finished? Although it was difficult, I stuck to it and carried it back. During the rehearsal, the teacher decided to let us perform in the form of a double reed. I crouched in the field behind Mengshi. I heard that I also need a microphone, the microphone connected to the school audio, a radius of over a dozen can hearSoldes FitFlop FitFlop florettaTo my voice, then I will not “ famous ”? Ha ha, … … the game has started; after a few performances, we should be on the field. I am very nervous on the stage, crouched behind the field Mengshi began to tell the story, my heart is always thinking about “ an unsettled state of mind., God bless me! &rdquo. Well, I’m good at it and I speak very fluently. When the story is over, I make a long breath and walk quickly down the stage! I finally got out of “ the stage of terror ” finished the task. After a few days, the result of our game came out. I couldn’t get nervous enough to come to the prize giving place. &ldquo: Oh, my God, please bless meDishy, Womens, Black, Sandals, Fitflop, FrouTo win the prize! ” I said it again and again in my heart. &ldquo! Congratulations! Class won the third place! ” “ congratulations on getting the runner up! ” “ the champion was — — ” my heart beat faster; “ class one! ” “ yeah! ” I’m too happy to describe it. The teacher sent us an honorary certificate. I still have a strong sense of honor to see it so far. This article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two11918FourFiveTwo8Five081FourTwo8Five.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageUnforgettable experiences

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“Flying classroom”.
Tao Xiaoyu four (Two) class “flying classroom” is German writer Eric · a novel written by. It’s a descriptioncampus lifeStory book. In the book the heroine of poor wear Mating, although he is very young, but also experienced and steady class; Yao, playwright, he was abandoned by his parents, but aggressive Matisse, always melancholy and moody; his belly is like a bottomless pit, how also do not fill; and the aristocratic Wu, he wanted to get rid of the wrong &hellip … timid and overcautious; they are different in character, but very cherish the friends of the book only children wrote, starred in a drama. The book is unfolded by rehearsal, and through a series of vivid and touching plots, a group of intelligent, lively, innocent and lovely young characters are created. Among them, the Yao, full of wit, always melancholy and Moody’s wearing Mating, sober Saibaxiu, Wu Li, a timid and overcautious aggressive Mathis, areFitFlop women UKWith its distinctive and unique image, the reader has left an unforgettable impression. The contents of the book, can be considered a highly concentrated campus scenery book, it expresses the feelings of the students, teachers and students love, friendship, nothing inspires us to recall and cherish the friendship book just children wrote, starred in a drama. The book is unfolded by rehearsal, and through a series of vivid and touching plots, a group of intelligent, lively, innocent and lovely young characters are created. Among them, the Yao, full of wit, always melancholy and Moody’s wearing Mating, coldFitFlop chaussuresStatic stable Saibaxiu, Wu, a timid and overcautious aggressive Mathis, with its distinctive and unique image to give readers a deep impression. The content of this book can be regarded as a highly condensed campus scenery. It displays the feelings of the students, the love of teachers and students, and the friendship of friends. It reminds us of the memory and treasure of our friendshipRokkit Supernavy. I like this book very much, because it tells about our childhood. The book’s words are very beautiful, I know after this book, this family is the most precious among people, the most important feelings. Even if there are more difficulties, in order to see relatives is also desperate. Even if there are more wealth, never less than family. Of course, there is no friendship, because good friends will always be your strong backing! Article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxsnj\/1Four1Two11918FourFiveFour8Two6FourFive7Five69.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext page“Flying classroom”.

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Reading the Wednesday war

The days of winter, I read “war horse”, feel the war is the most terrible word for anyone, but “Wednesday’s war” in the war “ ” is completely different, this is a war without smoke of war — — tells the story of a frank and brave the boy Huo Lin and a grave, tolerant teacher Mrs. Beck, a growing war between an end, as between students and teachers in the deep emotional testimony. Every Wednesday afternoon, half of the students in the classroom to go to synagogue to learn Hebrew, the other half to the Catholic Church in the catechism, Huo Lin as the only one in the class a Christian, he had to and strict teacher Mrs. Beck to stay in the classroom together. Huo Lin always think that Mrs. Beck really hate “ ” he, Mrs. Beck always seemed to be serious in speech and manner for him, such as: let him clean the blackboard, let him clean the classroom, sorting, cleaning the mouse cage … &heElegant Luna whiteLlip; however, for Mrs. Beck ultimately failed, Mrs. Beck began to let Huo Lin reading the works of Shakespeare, however, Huo Lin didn’t complain, perhaps, he would think of his no harm. During this period more staged a number of memorable stories of … … through this kind of thing is that Huo Lin has a great change, finally, Huo Lin found himself fascinated by the works of Shakespeare, and became a good friend of Beck and mrs.. Mrs. Beck helped correct running posture, Huo Lin Huo Lin drove to a baseball game, in Huo Lin encounter difficulties when Mrs. Beck always help, little drops reflect the teacher from the beginning to the end in the care of their own students, make him from a rebellious child into a wealthy independent thought, children learn introspection. Mrs. Beck touched me, and I was affected. Wonderful story,FitFlop DanmarkSometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me choke. I deeply appreciate the great power of understanding between people, tolerance and love; understand human modesty, dedication and tireless work of truth, learn these nutrients, I can make a positive and healthy growth!FitFlop Hooper sandalsReading the Wednesday war

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new year
New year is coming! ” “ new year is coming! ”. New year dolls came to the world, for people2014 Fitflop Rock Sandals With Diamond Chic piecesWe offer our best wishes. Make people happier in the new year! Better days than last year! Look, that blue sky suddenly become fiery red, red was bursting with happiness taste, people look really happy ah! The asphalt trail at this time seems to become a gorgeousFitFlop Off-white Flower TypeCarpet, carpet on both sides of the flowers, walking in the above is a kind of feeling in Wonderland, the world suddenly became a paradise! People are at the door hang red lanterns, rows of neat, thriving, very beautiful! Listen, far away from the “ New Year Song ” people listen to seem to be intoxicated, not intoxicated in this song, but intoxicated in this world of fairyland ah! Red sky, the land of colorful, festive lanterns, a new song “ ”, is a fine scenery! People put on their new clothes, with a happy smile on their faces. They go from house to house, bless each other, very festive. However, in this celebration of the day, everyone is such an exam right? New year’s baby to see, many Zaihuan survived in the poor people, and like other people have to eat and drink, as well as new clothes, they are still living in suffer hunger and cold. The new year baby’s tears fell a drop of truth, the tears drift to the disaster area, poor in an instant, the victims alsoFitFlop ItaliaLive a better life, their faces no longer sad and painful, instead of happiness and comfort. New year’s baby shows a lovely smile, quietly left. New year’s doll for the new year to send a valuable gift, not only is a blessing, as well as victims of a better life. It’s gone, but it’s always in the hearts of the people. “ give, always happy. ” as long as everyone give a little love, extend their friendly hands to help those who need help, then the world will be full of laughter, happiness and light

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Tell you you don’t believe
Tell you, you do not believe the Zhouzhuang experimental primary school four (4) Zhao Lingyue class first class on Tuesday, the bell jingle bell, jingle bell, “ ” rang, the students quickly returned to the seat, waiting for the arrival of the teacher. &lFitFlop shoesDquo; &rdquo sound, creak; the teacher gently pushed open the door, walked into the classroom, he mysteriously said to me: “ today, although we do not do Olympiad, but this time we have a mental game! ” students listened to a scene of bustling activity. Before the game, the teacher let us each prepared a draft paper, then the teacher raised a small blackboard, covered with a three digit dense, then on the blackboard with a blue line to draw some three digits, they were 973, 814, 786, 833, 565, 257, then we say: “ you have to add up these three figures, to see who is? ” the students are very excited! The beginning of the game, I quickly picked up the pen, &ldquo, and ” Shua Shua Shua; write up, the other students in a hard, finally, I use the fastest speed, the title, and quickly check to the teacher, when he heard that the correct time “ ” and I was so happy I jumped three feet high, then, many students have finished the exercises, but wrong wrong wrong “ ” the teacher from the lips, but shy back seat … … finally, there are 5 students to write on the list: First: I, second: He Junjie, third:FitFlop shoes amazonBian Huiting, Fourth: Cao Yilin, fifth. So I won the first round! The beginning of the second round of the teachers out of me, Chen Jiaxi and Yuan Jiaxun, the second round of the game, the teacher let Zhi Jun, Zhu Jiyun, Wu Chu Yu we count the number of seconds, this is Bian Hao in mental arithmetic, the blackboard is made of several three digits, let us count,FitFlop sandalenThis time, I am not willing to lose to Chen Jiaxi, but I will work harder! The game interesting, not only let me learn more knowledge, also let me taste the real difficulty of mental arithmetic. Tell you you don’t believe

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Love me, you let go
10, I love you, let go of Jiangyin Zhouzhuang City Experimental Primary School (4) class four West Yan Zirui “ I said I love you, I love you kiss me, I love you … … ” listen to the tender and lovely children’s melody, I would like to add: &ldquo I love you; let go ”.FitFlop shoeMemories of the past happy, happy life, and now has a mother’s discipline and nagging, my heart was born with emotion, how I want to go back to the carefree, free life. Go back to the previous Saturday and Sunday with buddies to play games, play rope skipping, but now he is going to do a boring math problems … … the eagle has its own sky, there is a river in its own fish, white clouds has its own blue sky, the grass has its own land. I want to have my own world. In life, there are many parents who call their children without a little freedom, like a machine. Look! There is a little girl doing homework, suddenly there is an adult came over and saw the little girl’s homework, angrily said: “ you see! You can take a look. What kind of work does it write, the word is not goodFitFlop HerrenDo you like this, there are mistakes, but also how to test 100 points? ” said the book a throw, said: “ you put all these words rewrite again, write bad don’t eat. ” then stormed away, the little girl cried. In fact, I like her, are a “ cage bird ” every day to be scolded mother, homework a little mistakeFitFlop LondonWant to redo, hey, the world’s parents why should use this cruel method to treat children? A fragile young trees grow into a towering tree, must pass through the mighty storm test, I must Study hard, not backward, so as to let others see your own ability. Mom and Dad, if you love me, let it go, let her daughter go a long way, let me enjoy the free life. Love me, you let go

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Unforgettable swimming experience

Shoes Amazon FitFlopWhen I was seven years old, I was the most happy time, because most of the year in the home, and every day just to play around crazy,. This is not, we came to the village in front of the river, is ready to jump into the water to swim! My neighbor and he stood at the river edge, one or two, “ three ” the number after the plop jumped into the river. Hey, fish on the sudden we feel very strange, every fish are fish trying to beat us, “ the scratch itch really comfortable! ” we said, breaking the stomach. Gradually, we are more familiar with the fish, the initiative to open the tour, I and Xiao MingSchuhe FitFlopNature is very happy, then use freestyle to determine the height of our swimming. The beginning of the game, my left hand right hand drawn forward, then draw, draw up a torrent of hands. When I want to go forward to plan, hoping to earn the first, I gradually heard &ldquo &rdquo playing acoustic; pops. Oh The original is Xiaoming, it seems, he is not satisfied with his speed, struggling to draw water, want more than me! Better than I can’t be easy! Some small local Hanoi relatively narrow, there are rapids, sometimes there are rocks. Although the situation is very bad, but I know where the river where safety, safety all clear. Xiao Ming is just natural, not familiar with the river, I will be a winner! He saw that I wanted to swim in the meandering, straight from the side, beyond me. However, because he is not familiar with the river, I saw Xiao Ming bang “ ” jumped up, mouth with: “ ah ah ah, I will die in pain! ” original meandering around, full of sharp rocks, the fix will touch off skin bleeding, so Xiao Ming has fallen into the trap. Near the end of the river, but I also know that the river can not avoid the last trap. “ PA ” a fall on me, one after another and back a few pieces of mud, Lian Xiaoming also very embarrassed. This is a trap pit dirty dirty mud springs, from time to time out. Our two Nihou look, very happy smile.Shoes sale FitFlopThis is my seven year old happy things, I will never forget things. Unforgettable swimming experience

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Summer. Seaside。 Happy

Summer is a hot season, but the blue sea, people feel more refreshing. This is not, today, our family came to the blue seaFitflop Arena Slide Tan New, enjoy swimming.Amazon FitFlopThe weather is so hot, the sun shone pale, released Xiaguang miles, hot temperature, scorching the earth. Just arrived at the beach, our family was panting, sweating. Just off the coat, my brother and I will fly to the sea, &ldquo ” a sound Bang; like rabbit jumped into the sea. A four base, I enjoy the cool summer sea and sea scenery: there are many hold rocks on the sea, on the rocks of Britain, there is a similar kind of giant stones, with the rocks as a whole, and as a giant is dutifully guarding this piece of people the beautiful sea, play the general. I took a deep breath, facing the bright rays, suddenly swam. Electrophoresis butterfly is really comfortable, hands like back up the butterfly stroke, legs gently pedaling, the body will slowly floating in the sea, the small belly exposed, was naughty breeze scratch itch, sour, very comfortable. Huh? Where’s my brother? I just look around, then my brother suddenly his head out of the water, hands over the water tap, a spray head to rotate, with a &rdquo “; choking sound, I drank two mouth water. At this time, his brother fled with a smile and said: “ see you so fire, help you cool down slightly! But don’t be careful, never contain preservatives, and the package is fresh, rich in vitamin C, must be better than the black gallon son! ” I smiled twice, then quickly swam towards him. My brother gave me an oversight. I am a slap shot toward the surface in the past, the two big brother to immediately spray spray. “ wow! I haven’t the AWACS deployed your &lsquo missile; spray ’ to attackSchuhe FitFlopThe! ” brother was forced to drink a few saliva, there is a quick escape. &ldquo well you! Can’t escape, look at me! ” I continue to catch up, and he started water war, the joy of the sound constantly, echoed in the sea. Splash, cheers, constitute a happy scene. Summer. Seaside。 Happy

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